DCS, SCADA, Controllers June 26, 2023


The UNO R4 is the latest update of Arduino's next-generation UNO board, a significant revision of its 8-bit technology.   Powered by a 32-bit microcontroller, the new UNO R4 comes in two versions: the basic UNO R4 Minima and comprehensive UNO R4 WiFi, meeting the budgetary and creative needs of the maker community. Preserving the standard form factor, shield compatibility and 5 V power supply of the popular UNO R3, the UNO R4 adds a 32-bit microcontroller with up to 16x the clock speed, memory and flash storage with the integration of the RA4M1 processor from Renesas. Based on an Arm® Cortex®-M4 core, the RA4M1 microcontroller on the Arduino UNO R4 features a clock speed of 48 MHz for higher processing power. To accommodate more complex projects, the UNO R4 is fitted with 32 kB of SRAM and 256 kB of flash memory.

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