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Robotics January 14, 2022

Four-legged robot designed to deliver packages

USC Viterbi researchers created a control algorithm that allows quadruped robots to adapt to unknowns in their environment, making them better-suited for delivering packages and other items in warehouse and other areas. See video.

By Avni Shah
Process Safety June 9, 2021

How wastewater monitoring can mitigate health outbreaks

USC Viterbi researchers are using data collection to study wastewater as a way of predicting future disease breakouts ahead of testing data.

By Avni Shah
Cybersecurity February 10, 2021

Students learn to secure cyber networks, data

USC’s Intelligence and Cyber Operation Program (INCO) is designed to train students to proactively identify cybersecurity issues with an interdisciplinary approach.

By Avni Shah
Robotics January 27, 2021

Disinfection robot developed to halt COVID-19 spread

A team of USC master’s students created a disinfection robot called LASER-D to use on COVID-19 prevention. See video.

By Avni Shah
PPE October 4, 2020

Engineering understanding about COVID-19’s effects, safety

Students at USC worked on robots, masks and droplet dispersion to better understand how to live with COVID-19 over the summer. See video.

By Avni Shah
Robotics March 19, 2020

Robots developed to 3D-print complex shapes

USC researchers have built robots that can 3D print complicated shapes without compromising on quality or accuracy.

By Avni Shah
Robotics November 16, 2019

Algorithm developed to help automate robots for more complex workspaces

Researchers at the USC Viterbi Center for Advanced Manufacturing have identified an algorithm designed to provide robots short, collision-free solutions in complex manufacturing spaces.

By Avni Shah
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