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Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in business and economics, Blake‘s area of coverage includes various industrial automation technologies such as low voltage AC motor drives and industrial/mobile hydraulics for Interact Analysis.


Motors and Drives January 19, 2024

Short- and long-term impact of low-voltage ac motor market deceleration

The low-voltage ac motor market is expected to decline in 2024 after posting years of double-digit growth because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Blake Griffin
Forecast for the ULV drives market until 2027. Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Motors and Drives July 19, 2023

Ultra low-voltage motor and drive architectures are gaining traction

The ultra low-voltage (ULV) market is gaining traction due to safety and installation concerns and the rise of AMRs and AGVs.

By Blake Griffin
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Motors and Drives August 31, 2022

Acquisitions reveal motor supplier strategies

The top three suppliers of low voltage ac motors made waves in the motor and drives space with a string of acquisition announcements in early August. First, WEG announced its acquisition of Gefran’s motion control business.

By Blake Griffin
Courtesy of: Interact Analysis
Analytics August 18, 2022

The electric steel dilemma and its impact on motor vendors

Because of the increased demand for electric steel, it is difficult for vendors to acquire the necessary goods to complete their productions.

By Blake Griffin
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Data Centers August 11, 2022

Data centers at the front line of future motor technology

Data centers are becoming more powerful as they gather more data and need high-efficiency motors to match their data consumption, which takes a lot of energy.

By Blake Griffin
Courtesy of: Interact Analysis
Mechanical March 23, 2022

World events create disruptions in motors and drives

There are several factors in crucial areas of the motor and drive supply chain to note as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues. See video.

By Blake Griffin
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Motors and Drives November 19, 2021

Trends in the LV drives market

Market research shows three trends influencing the drives market: functional safety, predictive maintenance and efficiency regulations.

By Blake Griffin
Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Motors and Drives October 28, 2021

Low-voltage drive market projected to have slow, steady recovery

Labor shortages and supply chain disruptions are all coming together to cause a much slower recovery in the low-voltage drive market according to a report by Interact Analysis.

By Blake Griffin
Motors and Drives September 3, 2021

Infrastructure bill projected to grow low-voltage market in key areas

The low-voltage (LV) drives market, like all other markets, dealt with a turbulent 2020 brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it should rebound if the Infrastructure Bill passes.

By Blake Griffin
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance July 5, 2020

Predictive maintenance value: Smart sensors, machine learning, new industrial business models

Smart sensors and machine learning algorithms detect anomalies in industrial machines, and as algorithms become better trained, software can accurately predict when machines with industrial automation is at risk of failure. New business models for machine as a service (MaaS) may help overcome slow adoption of predictive maintenance technologies.

By Blake Griffin
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