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Process Safety May 28, 2016

Enclosure series for hazardous, washdown environments

Bud Industries' PTS series enclosures are made of impact-resistant gray polycarbonate reinforced with 10% fiberglass and are designed for hazardous, dusty, and washdown factory environments as well as extreme weather conditions.

By Bud Industries
Process Safety April 28, 2016

Die-cast aluminum boxes for harsh conditions

Bud Industries' AN-A Series of enclosures are IP68-rated boxes designed for housing sensitive equipment in hazardous, dusty, and washdown factory environments, as well as in wet outdoor locations.

By Bud Industries
Energy Efficiency January 15, 2016

Electronic enclosures for power supplies, factory applications

Bud Industries' EXN enclosure series enclosure are designed for use as instrument cases and for housing electronic power supplies, remote controls, factory floor and outdoor applications.

By Bud Industries
Energy, Power October 14, 2015

Mounting enclosure series for DIN-rail applications

Bud Industries' DMX Series of DIN-rail-mounting enclosures are an NEMA-4X/IP-66 rated enclosure and are designed for DIN-rail-powered industrial controls, test devices, controllers, and relays in power, lighting, industrial automation, and security applications.

By Bud Industries
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