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Arc Flash March 21, 2023

RSK-PMT Remote Switch Kit for Pad-Mounted Transformers

The CBS ArcSafe RSK-PMT remote switch kit for pad-mounted transformers permits workers to operate a transformer from outside the arc-flash hazard boundary. When opening panel doors to access the switch on the high-voltage/line side of a transformer, a worker can be exposed to energized conductors on the low-voltage side, which typically carry higher current and the potential of high incident energy. The RSK-PMT allows for an insulated hot stick to be inserted through a modified door port from outside the transformer. The hot stick serves as an interface between the inside switch and a CBS ArcSafe remote switch actuator (RSA) on the outside, used to turn the inside switch to the desired position.

CBS ArcSafe
Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 6, 2022

RSA-265B remote switch actuator

CBS ArcSafe's RSA-265B remote switch actuator allows technicians to remotely operate Eaton Series NRX circuit breakers from outside the arc-flash boundary (up to 300 ft away). Remote switch actuators are a cost-effective solution for increasing worker safety. Installation and operation of the RSA-265B does not require any modifications to existing electrical equipment thanks to CBS ArcSafe’s switchable magnets that attach on and detach from switchgear quickly and easily.

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