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Chemline Plastics Limited markets and distributes a complete range of valves, specialty piping and tubing, flow meters and controls, of solid plastic construction, primarily for the industrial market. Chemline also fabricates manifolds and pipe spools.  Chemline Plastics was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Thornhill, ON, Canada. Chemline pioneered the introduction of plastic valves in Canada. The company has earned a reputation for expertise, service and cost-effective supply of flow control solutions. 


Ethernet January 1, 2023

Series 808 M8 Connector for SPE

binder USA’s new series 808 M8 connectors are used for data and power transmission in factory processes and building applications. Designed for single-pair Ethernet (SPE) applications, these miniaturized industrial connectors are easily integrated into standard sensor technology housings. They meet IEC 63171-5 and 63171-6 standards for mechanical, electrical, test specification, and mating faces, as well as the ruggedness, reliability, and signal integrity.

Chemline Plastics Limited
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