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Process Instrumentation and Sensors September 18, 2017

Square root scaling for differential pressure flowmeters

The square root for differential pressure-(DP-) based flow can be taken either in the transmitter or in the controller and its easier to configure the transmitter to take the square root because, on the low end, a very small change in DP results in a large change in flow.

By Chris Hardy, Cross Company
System Integrators September 24, 2016

Advice on implementing and controlling VFDs for large boiler motors

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) have become ubiquitous in manufacturing, and there are many aspects to consider when implementing and controlling them for large boiler motors.

By Chris Hardy, Cross Company
Industrial PCs September 21, 2016

Using modern computer and TV screens to enhance HMIs

Modern human-machine interface (HMI) computers are now often using more and larger monitors and 4K is becoming more common for users. When choosing a monitor to act as an HMI, there are many aspects to consider.

By Chris Hardy, Cross Company
Energy Efficiency February 10, 2015

Tuning a combustion control system: Advanced and unconventional methods

Finishing up our series on combustion control systems, this blog post offers advanced and unconventional methods for tuning a combustion control systems.

By Chris Hardy, Cross Company
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