Chuck Sherman


Manufacturing IT, MES May 1, 2007

Being good and done

About ten years ago, I had an engineer working for me who had come out of the aerospace industry. He was careful, complete, and thoughtful, but missed every deadline ever given to him. Fred (not his real name, of course) had developed an amazing ability to turn even the simplest project into a never-ending stream of revisions, changes, and upgrades.

By Chuck Sherman
Process Safety March 1, 2007

3 ways to engineer success

One of the most common counseling sessions I provide to engineers is based on a premise that I learned in the most valuable class I took in college. The class was an accident, really. I needed a filler between calculus and FORTRAN (now there’s an example of tuition well spent), and there was an opening in a public speaking class.

By Chuck Sherman
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