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CIRCOR International, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets differentiated technology products and sub-systems for markets including oil & gas, industrial, aerospace & defense and commercial marine. CIRCOR has a diversified flow and motion control product portfolio with recognized, market-leading brands that fulfill its customers’ mission critical needs. The company’s strategy is to grow organically and through complementary acquisitions; simplify CIRCOR’s operations; achieve world class operational excellence; and attract and retain top talent.


Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 22, 2021

Intelligent linear actuator

RTK REact EQ-L electric intelligent linear actuator are ideal for processes that depend on 100% running time such as industrial, chemical, and power applications.

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Oil and Gas September 1, 2019

R.G. Laurence On/Off Valves by Circor International

Circor International’s R.G. Laurence 2500 series of on/off control valves are designed for applications demanding rapid opening and sealed closure.

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Process Instrumentation and Sensors May 1, 2019

Aeroflow high performance control by Circor International, Inc.

The Aeroflow high performance control integrates aerodynamic and hydrodynamic flow design, smart valve technology, and a modular design.

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Mobility June 13, 2023

CIRCORSmart App Updates

CIRCOR International, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of differentiated technology products and sub-systems, continuously enhances the digital experience of its consumers by updating its industry leading CIRCORSmart app. This app provides a broad range of capabilities, giving users secure, round-the-clock access to critical technical information for over 860,000 products from any web-connected device. CIRCOR’s latest round of updates further expand the functionality and number of products covered by the app, putting even more power at the tip of users’ fingers. One of the innovative new capabilities included in the updates is a hydrogen ready check.

Circor International
Pumps March 15, 2022

Smart App for IMO Brand Pumps

The CIRCORSmart smartphone app that puts critical product data in the palm of your hand now also supports IMO Product Series 3E, 3G, 3D, 6D and 12D pumps. CIRCORSmart’s constant access to operation and maintenance information, paired with the reliability of IMO products, keeps downtime to an absolute minimum.“Accessing critical information for IMO products has never been easier,” said Chris Sahlman, CIRCOR Vice President – General Manager, Industrial Group – Americas. “CIRCOR is proud to lead the market with innovations like CIRCORSmart, an invaluable tool that helps its customers improve their operating costs and reduce downtime.”CIRCORSmart allows operators and maintenance technicians to track maintenance on each product, take detailed notes and store them, and attach photos and important files for future use.

Circor International
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics, Edge Computing April 22, 2022

Remote Service

This innovative solution empowers service engineers and technicians in all industries with the flexibility and creative approach they need to connect with, interact with, and support in-field services remotely. An immersive experience of augmented reality is one of the primary features of this next generation in-field service solution. Abiding by the “see what I see” principle, CIRCOR’s Remote Service can directly show which part of a product needs to be disassembled. Its near real-time reaction time enables a high level of interaction with the customer.

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Motors and Drives February 11, 2022

REact-TestOne Test Box

The RTK® REact-TestOne test box for quick and easy testing of the working condition of electric actuators. The REact-TestOne works with REact E Series actuators – REact 30E, 60E and 100E.The test box features a convenient toggle switch to retract and extend the actuator spindle. Two easy-to-see indicator lights allow operators to check and/or set additional travel limit switches for the REact E Series.

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