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Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 22, 2021

Intelligent linear actuator

RTK REact EQ-L electric intelligent linear actuator are ideal for processes that depend on 100% running time such as industrial, chemical, and power applications.

By Circor International
Oil and Gas September 1, 2019

R.G. Laurence On/Off Valves by Circor International

Circor International’s R.G. Laurence 2500 series of on/off control valves are designed for applications demanding rapid opening and sealed closure.

By Circor International
Process Instrumentation and Sensors May 1, 2019

Aeroflow high performance control by Circor International, Inc.

The Aeroflow high performance control integrates aerodynamic and hydrodynamic flow design, smart valve technology, and a modular design.

By Circor International