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Energy Efficiency November 28, 2016

Power supplies for industrial, automation applications

CUI Inc's PBO series of ultra‑compact ac-dc power supplies are designed for industrial systems, automation equipment, security, telecommunications, and smart home device applications.

By CUI Inc.
Energy Efficiency September 15, 2016

Converter series for harsh and extreme conditions

CUI's PDQ10‑D, PDQ15‑D, and PDQ30‑D dc-dc converters are suitable for convection-cooled equipment and harsh environments for applications such as include telecom, industrial, remote sensor systems, and portable electronics.

By CUI Inc.
Energy Efficiency July 5, 2016

Power supplies with integrated USB connector

CUI's 10 W SMI10‑USB, SWI10‑N‑USB, and SWI10‑E‑USB are wall plug-in ac/dc power supplies featuring an integrated USB connector and are designed to meet U.S. and international energy standards.

By CUI Inc.
Energy Efficiency February 24, 2016

Front-end ac/dc power supply for power systems

CUI's PFR-2100 series offer a hot-swap blind-docking capability implemented through the use of a single connector for use in data center high voltage dc bus power systems, broadcast amplifiers, and other applications.

By CUI Inc.
Energy, Power January 7, 2016

Power supplies with interchangeable input blades for global use

CUI's SMI family of Level VI-compliant external ac/dc power supplies range from 5 W to 36 W and feature interchangeable ac input blades designed for use in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and China.

By CUI Inc.
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