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Mechatronics and Motion Control February 9, 2011

Advanced motor design: New Motors Reach New Applications

Permanent magnets, axial, transverse, and radial flux designs optimize torque, power, efficiency, size, weight, and other motor performance parameters, as explained in this February Control Engineering feature article. Reader feedback added below on Feb. 16.

By Dan Jones, Incremotion Associates
Motors and Drives September 1, 2007

Servo or no? How to decide

Do you really need a servo? Can an induction motor with a feedback device provide a better solution for specific applications? Looking at definitions and performance characteristics for servos and induction motors may move the decision along. Servo motor system: A servo is not just a motor. It is a closed loop motion system composed of a controller, a drive, a motor and a feedback device, usual...

By Dan Jones, Incremotion Associates
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