Dan McCarthy


Vision and Discrete Sensors January 28, 2020

Machine vision cables and connectors need to be strong

Vision sensors and software have since become more sophisticated and their application more diverse, but this evolution has also increased demand for cables that can carry more data over longer distances, which presents new challenges for manufacturers.

By Dan McCarthy
Vision and Discrete Sensors October 23, 2019

Logistics industry looking to improve with machine vision

Logistics operations must be able to process massive databases of SKUs and information and enhancements in machine vision can help improve efficiency.

By Dan McCarthy
Vision and Discrete Sensors October 10, 2019

Civilian drones are an emerging market in machine vision

A growing number of applications and opportunities for machine vision components — from improving drone navigation and safety to capturing image data are main drivers of the civilian drone market for automation and inspection applications.

By Dan McCarthy
Vision and Discrete Sensors October 3, 2019

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize, not replace, machine vision

Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved to become a constant part of our daily lives and the technology will enhance and change machine vision for the better.

By Dan McCarthy