Discrete Manufacturing October 12, 2016

Drive solution for hazardous locations

Danfoss' Vacon X5 HazLo is an ac drive designed for hazardous locations and applications such as refineries, utility gas plants, or other areas where ignitable substances are not normally present but may exist in unusual scenarios.

By Danfoss
Discrete Manufacturing October 3, 2016

Drive for packaging machine applications

Danfoss' Vacon 20 ac drive is designed for packaging machine applications and is ideal for cutting cycle times has a built-in RS-485 interface, which is designed to offer a serial control interface for the drive.

By Danfoss
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IIoT, Industrie 4.0 February 15, 2022

IoT Food Retail Services

Danfoss has updated and enhanced its service offering to create a more sustainable, scalable and secure cloud-based portal for managing food retail operations. Previously known as Danfoss Enterprise Services (DES), Alsense™ is optimized to provide new levels of efficiency. Supermarkets and food retail stores can reduce their net energy consumption by up to 30% with Alsense, saving money and reducing food waste.  ”We’re excited to introduce this fully connected service platform featuring a modern interface and powerful capabilities,” says Peter Dee, Sales Director Food Retail, North America.

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