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Robotics May 26, 2021

Robotic finger uses tactile sensing to find buried items

MIT researchers developed a robot that digs through granular material, like sand and gravel, and find the shapes of buried objects with tactile sensing, which could help inspect cables and more. See video.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics May 17, 2021

Algorithm helps robots collaborate on difficult tasks

MIT researchers have designed an algorithm to ensure the fruitful cooperation of information-gathering robot teams, which could be vital for robot teams’ success in complex, unpredictable environments.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics March 23, 2021

Researchers’ algorithm designs soft robots that sense

Deep-learning technique optimizes the arrangement of sensors on a robot’s body to ensure efficient operation. See video.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics March 7, 2021

Helping soft robots turn rigid on demand

A new control system developed by MIT researchers may broaden robots’ range of tasks and allow safer interactions with people.

By Daniel Ackerman
Info Management March 4, 2021

Data transfer system connects silicon chips

A data transfer system that pairs high-frequency silicon chips with a polymer cable as thin a strand of hair has been developed by MIT researchers.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics March 2, 2021

Tiny drones developed with an insect’s agility

Insect-sized drones have been developed with a soft actuator that allows them to withstand the physical travails of real-world flight, which could help their overall movement in many applications. See video.

By Daniel Ackerman
Industrial Networking February 26, 2021

Researchers develop speedier network analysis for computer hardware

Software has been developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers to more efficiently run graph applications on a range of computing hardware, including both CPUs and GPUs.

By Daniel Ackerman
Electrical February 11, 2021

Nanowire could provide a stable superconducting transistor

The cryoyton is a superconducting transistor, inspired by decades-old MIT research, which could boost quantum computers and other superconducting electronics.

By Daniel Ackerman
AI and Machine Learning January 28, 2021

Machine-learning system adapts on the job

A neural network has been developed with flexible algorithms, called "liquid" networks, which allow the network to learn and adapt to new data inputs on the job.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics January 21, 2021

Designing customized robot brains for critical applications

A system has been developed that devises hardware architectures to hasten robots’ response time so they can operate in critical situations.

By Daniel Ackerman
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