Process Instrumentation and Sensors August 1, 2019

MAQ20-Eagle.Io IoT by Dataforth 

Dataforth’s MAQ20-Eagle.Io IoT cloud-based remote monitoring system is designed to remotely monitor environmental sensors and can gather data in real-time from any data logger or text file, transform data automatically using processing and logic, and more.

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Sponsored April 10, 2017

Measuring RMS Values

This white paper discusses how True RMS (Root Mean Square) measurements require instrumentation devices and how these devices must have both wide bandwidths and good low level resolution.

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Wireless January 7, 2017

Data acquisition and control system modules for industrial applications

Dataforth’s MAQ-DIV20/MAQ-DIVC20 and the MAQ20-DODC20SK data acquisition and control system modules are designed for a wide range of industrial applications and include features such as continuous field input/output (I/O) protection and integral PID control in the system software.

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Energy Efficiency June 27, 2016

Strain gage module for test, measurement and control industry

Dataforth's MAQ20-BRDG1 strain gage module offers four input channels and can interface to full, half, and quarter bridge sensors using 4- or 6-wire connections.

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Sponsored January 11, 2016

Basic Bridge Circuits Explained

180+ years since its introduction the bridge remains the most economical circuit technique for accurately measuring resistance, especially in strain gage applications. Explore the subtleties of bridge circuit excitation and performance in Dataforth’s Basic Bridge Circuits.

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Industrial Networking June 30, 2015

Strain gage input module bridges interfaces to transducers

Dataforth’s MAQ20-BRDG1 strain gage input module provides 4 channels of strain gage input that can interface to quarter, half, or full-bridge sensors using either a 4- or 6-wire connection.

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Industrial PCs April 14, 2015

OPC server added to data acquisition and control system

Dataforth’s introduction of an OPC Server for the MAQ20 Industrial Data Acquisition & Control System ensures data collection and analysis using the MAQ20 is now significantly broader-based and easier to use.

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