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Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 9, 2003

Inside Process Flint Ink Steps Its Way to Success

Inside Process Flint Ink Steps Its Way to Success By adopting a pay-as-you-go automation philosophy, Flint Ink’s New Albany production center is about to become an integrated, paperless operation. Dave Harrold, CONTROL ENGINEERING Committed to increasing productivity, lowering costs, and reducing product variability at its New Albany, Indiana facility, Flint Ink began an automation journey that, like most journeys, included a number of unexpected bumps, twists, turns, and thrills along the way. Though the journey isn’t complete, all the participants are positive the hardest parts are behind them and the rewards have already made the trip worth the effort. Ink is not just ink Most ink is used in high-speed printing of newspapers and magazines, but just looking at it, ink doesn’t seem that complex.Formulas of inks differ widely to suit the variety of printing presses, methods of drying, varia-tions in print substrates, and end-user considerations. Because press type, drying methods, and paper stock offer few adjustable parameters, Flint Ink employs more than 500 PhDs, chemists, physicists, chemical engineers, ink formulators, and technical service representatives to work with customers to create just the right ink formulation for an application. From a control viewpoint, ink manufacturing isn’t nearly as complex as other batch processes, such as biotechnology. Yes, there are many discrete valves and mass flowmeters; some temperature, level, and speed controls; and a definite need for coordinated unit transfers, but the basic process is relatively simple.

By Dave Harrold, Senior Editor
Process Instrumentation and Sensors March 1, 2003

Pressure sensor market sees bright spots

Demand for pressure transmitters and transducers is expected to grow faster in the U.S. life sciences and automotive markets than in any other market segment consuming pressure transmitters and transducers, according to Venture Development Corp. (VDC). "More than $40 billion is spent annually on biotech and pharmaceutical industry research.

By Dave Harrold, Senior Editor
Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 1, 2002

Controller does one thing and one thing only!

Despite the tendency to cram every bit of control and automation logic into a programmable logic controller (PLC) or distributed control system (DCS), there are times when a "built-for-purpose" device makes sense. One of those times is when precise, repeatable transfers of valuable products must be made between vessels.

By Dave Harrold, Senior Editor
Motors and Drives February 1, 2002

Users expect DAQ to also include analysis and control

First-generation data acquisition (DAQ) simply meant acquiring data, often using chart recorders and data loggers.One of the earliest industrial uses of personal computers (PCs) was to replace panel-boards of circular and strip chart recorders with PC-based DAQ hardware and software. However, most early DAQ software only provided the "back office" functionality of acquiring and archiving ...

By Dave Harrold, Senior Editor
I/O Systems, I/O Modules January 1, 2002

Siemens E&A intergrating APACS+, PCS7

Starting with two relatively new platforms after acquiring Moore Process, senior management and engineers at Siemens Energy & Automation have been seeking to integrate the APACS+ and PCS7 control system technologies. APACS+ was introduced in 1992, and PCS7 debuted in 1997.

By Dave Harrold, Senior Editor
Energy, Power December 5, 2001

MTL unveils surge protector, DIN rail mounting kit

Hampton, N.H. - MTL recently introduced its UL-approved MA15 Series surge protector with RFI filtering and its DRK700 DIN rail mounting kit for MTL700 Series zener barriers.

By Dave Harrold, Senior Editor
PLM, Control Design December 5, 2001

WBF honors Thomas Fisher

Phoenix, Ariz. - World Batch Forum (WBF) recently awarded Thomas G. Fisher its distinguished Dr. Guido Carlo-Stella Award.

By Dave Harrold, Senior Editor
AI and Machine Learning December 4, 2001

SpeedVue uses laser technology to measures RPM

Knoxville, Tenn. - Computational Systems (CSI), a unit of Emerson Process Management (Austin, Tex.), recently introduced its SpeedVue Model 430 laser speed sensor.

By Dave Harrold, Senior Editor
I/O Systems, I/O Modules December 4, 2001

PCB connectors feature IDC technology

Irving, Tex. - Entrelec recently introduced a new series of printed circuit board (PCB) connectors using insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology.

By Dave Harrold, Senior Editor
Energy, Power December 3, 2001

Emerson Process awarded contract to deliver instrumentation and control solutions for Esso Angola project

Austin, Tex. - Emerson Process Management was recently awarded a contract from Esso Exploration Angola Limited, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Corporation (Irving, Tex.), to develop and install the control, instrumentation and safety systems needed by Esso Angola for the Kizomba A project offshore Angola Africa.

By Dave Harrold, Senior Editor
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