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Diagnostics, Asset Management November 1, 2007

David Caruso: SMB ERP projects a different view from the CEO’s office

From the scores of small and midsize business (SMB) market-related announcements issued recently, you'd think this market just appeared. On the contrary, my experience in helping manufacturers with IT strategy and ERP selections indicates the SMB ERP market has been alive and well for some time. Only now it is changing—or should I say getting smarter—and vendors should expect toughe...

By David Caruso
Info Management July 18, 2007

Five steps to bridging the gap between IT and lean

A growing number of IT leaders recognize the value that lean can bring to a business and they are looking for ways of delivering the appropriate systems to lean practitioners. A pragmatic approach to bridging the gap between lean and IT would encompass these five steps: 

By David Caruso
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