Dr. Laura Haupert

Laura Haupert, Ph.D., is chief scientific officer for Ecosorb, where she leads research and development, regulatory, safety, and quality control. She earned her B.S. in chemistry from Manchester College and Ph.D. in physical chemistry at Purdue University, working with bond energies of solvated clusters. Dr. Haupert also completed her post-doctoral research at Purdue where she focused on the development of mass spectrometric methods for the structural elucidation of lignin catalytic degradation. Dr. Haupert has developed and directed Ecosorb’s many product lines—and she has overseen the state-of-the-art laboratory and production facility in Rising Sun, Indiana—for over ten years.


Process Instrumentation and Sensors May 29, 2024

How to safely, sustainably absolve industrial malodors with standardized formulations

By using natural off-the-shelf plant-based formulations, process manufacturers can mitigate offensive odors to keep neighbors happy and production on track.

By Dr. Laura Haupert
Process Instrumentation and Sensors March 8, 2023

Odor measurement, control at industrial plants

Natural neutralizers mitigate malodors at industrial processing plants. By using instrumentation to measure and control natural plant-based odor removers and suppliers to research and prescribe tailormade formulas, processors are optimizing odor control techniques.

By Dr. Laura Haupert
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