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Discrete Manufacturing January 16, 2017

Indicator compact series for machinery, automation applications

EAO's Series 14 indicator compact are designed to provide status indication for use in a variety of applications such as machinery, industrial automation, robotics and specialty vehicles.

By EAO Corporation
Process Safety September 17, 2016

Series of stop switches with IP69K rating

EAO Corporation's Series 45 stop switches are used as on/off switches for safe switching in mechanical engineering applications and do not require a failsafe and are sealed to IP69K.

By EAO Corporation
Info Management August 10, 2016

Potentiometer series designed for machine applications

EAO Corporation's Series 45 potentiometers are mechanically turned electrical units designed to make adjustments to the resistance of machinery variably over a rotational range of 270-deg.

By EAO Corporation
Info Management June 8, 2016

Pushbutton series for harsh environments

EAO's Series 45 mushroom-head pushbuttons are designed to provide positive tactile feedback and the IP69K protection allows the pushbuttons to be used in harsh environments.

By EAO Corporation
Process Safety May 12, 2016

Toggle sticks for machine operating functions

EAO's Series 45 toggle sticks are designed for machine operating functions and are ideal for the intuitive and precise operation of coordinate-controlled machine functions and can be used at operating temperatures from -25 to 70 C.

By EAO Corporation
Wireless February 11, 2016

USB adapter for hazardous and aggressive environments

EAO Corporation's Series 84 USB 3.0 adapter and optional IP65 cover is designed to implement connectivity to a computer, server or a network in applications that need to be protected from elements in hazardous and aggressive environments.

By EAO Corporation
Energy Efficiency September 16, 2015

Multi-functional illumination switching element

EAO Corporation's Series 84 Halo Compact is a multi-functional illumination switching element designed to provide common status indication features in one solution for applications such as machinery control panels, medical equipment, and instruments for audio and video technology.

By EAO Corporation
Energy, Power June 30, 2015

Flush mount switches for machinery, control cabinet engineering applications

EAO Corporation's Series 71 flush mount switches use a mounting system to any PCB with a contained locking pin located on each switching contact block and are designed for machinery and control cabinet engineering applications.

By EAO Corporation
Info Management December 19, 2013

HMI company moves North American headquarters

EAO Corporation is moving its North American headquarters to a 20,000 sq ft facility in Milford, Conn., to double current engineering and manufacturing capacity for human-machine interfaces (HMIs).

By EAO Corporation
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