Edited by Mark T. Hoske


Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 1, 2009

Benchtop windtunnels: Calibration, thermal analysis

Benchtop wind tunnels have practical value in engineering, product design, and academia, as well as in research and development. Benchtop devices follow the general principles of wind tunnel design, such as controlled air flow, low turbulence, flow accuracy, and repeatability, explains Omega Engineering Inc.

By Edited by Mark T. Hoske
Motors and Drives August 1, 2007

Decentralized Control: Understand the advantages

Moving motor-control functions from a central control cabinet onto a machine or the plant floor puts control devices closer to the motors actuating the process. With appropriate planning, explains SEW Eurodrive (www.seweurodrive.com), such designs deliver significant cost savings in engineering time and materials, and through the automation's life cycle.

By Edited by Mark T. Hoske