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Emily Ayshford, Northwestern University


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Process Instrumentation and Sensors June 24, 2022

Theory developed to help design systems that can interact more seamlessly

University of Chicago researchers have developed a framework that could help engineers design systems that can interact more seamlessly, resulting in better performance for multicomponent systems such as batteries or sensors.

By Emily Ayshford
AI and Machine Learning September 21, 2019

Algorithms developed to improve collaborative behavior in robots

Northwestern Engineering researchers have developed two new algorithms that can infer the topology of a network by observing the behavior of the individual nodes (such as neurons) in real time, which could help improve swarm robotics, which use collaborative manipulation to work together.

By Emily Ayshford
System Integration August 27, 2019

Researchers use polymer to strengthen graphene oxide sheets

Northwestern Engineering professors have developed a way to toughen up graphene oxide by layering it with polyvinyl alcohol, which can reduce failures due to cracks and piercings. This research could help with next-generation sensors and wearable electronics.

By Emily Ayshford
Vision and Discrete Sensors June 29, 2019

Terahertz frequency comb developed for medical, biological applications

Northwestern Engineering researchers have developed a chip-based terahertz frequency comb that works at room temperature and is designed for medical and biological screening.

By Emily Ayshford
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