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Wireless November 18, 2015

Automation Fair promotes connected enterprise

The keynote presentation by Kris Dornan at the Rockwell Automation Fair stressed the connected enterprise concept.

By Eric R. Eissler
Industrial PCs April 10, 2015

Cyber security vulnerabilities are everywhere

The issue is not if an attack will occur, but when it will occur. The best way to prepare for the inevitable is to adopt an active defense, leaving passive defense methods for the decade gone by.

By Eric R. Eissler
Process Safety April 3, 2015

Cyber security lab offers real-time off process modeling for facilities

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) opened its Industrial Cyber Security Lab to advance its development and testing of technologies and software to defend industrial facilities and operations, such as refineries and manufacturing plants, against cyber attacks.

By Eric R. Eissler
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