Robotics June 29, 2018

Bionic robots developed and modeled after fish, spiders, and bats

Festo's 2018 bionic animals features a transforming spider that rolls or creeps, a robotic fish that autonomously maneuvers through acrylic water-filled tubing, and a semi-autonomous flying bat-like robot.

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Industrial Networking March 21, 2017

Carrier system for customized batch sizes

Festo's Multi-Carrier System is designed to enable customization of batch sizes and embodies Industrie 4.0 manufacturing concepts of modularity, communications, and diagnostics.

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Discrete Manufacturing August 12, 2016

Pneumatic semi-rotary vane drive with sealed housing

Festo’s pneumatic semi-rotary vane drive and matched contactless position sensor feature sealed housing.

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Process Safety May 15, 2016

Vision sensors for code reading and inspection applications

Festo's SBSI series of low cost vision sensors are designed for code reading and inspection and is designed to make it easy for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to incorporate the power of vision sensing into their solutions.

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PLM, Control Design October 17, 2015

Transport system for machine OEM applications

Festo's Multi-Carrier System is a transport system designed for companies offering custom products or both standard and custom products packaged on the same line and has features relevant to Industry 4.0 such as an electromechanical design and OPC-UA.

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Discrete Manufacturing May 15, 2015

Pneumatic cylinder series for heavy duty applications

Festo's DSBG line of ISO 15552 large diameter tie rod pneumatic cylinders are available in 160 and 200 mm sizes and are designed for heavy duty applications such as the automotive, mining, and water treatment industries.

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Process Safety February 26, 2015

Solenoid and pneumatic valve series for clamping and locking operations

Festo's VS series of piston-spool solenoid and pneumatic valves and valve manifolds are designed ideal for simple clamping and locking operations in semiautomatic assembly as well as explosive environments.

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Mechatronics and Motion Control December 5, 2014

Programmable position transmitter for linear actuators

Festo's SDAT-MHS T-slot programmable position transmitter are designed to offer OEMs a solution for sensing a pneumatic cylinder's position that can be transmitted to a PLC with a repetition accuracy of 0.1mm.

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Mechatronics and Motion Control December 1, 2014

Pneumatic actuator for servo positioning and force control

Festo's DDLI servo-pneumatic actuator delivers precise dynamic movement of large loads for OEMs and can regulate feed forces on the fly.

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Mechatronics and Motion Control November 21, 2014

Pneumatics, motor and drive units for food industry on display

Festo displayed its new line of motor/drive units, pneumatic valves and manifolds, and process automation components at Pack Expo 2014, as demonstrated in a video.

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Robotics November 20, 2014

Giant dragonfly, jellyfish make waves

Festo, a manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components and controls for automation, had an attention-grabbing giant dragonfly and jellyfish on display at the Pack Expo in Chicago. See the video to watch the dragonfly in flight!

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Robotics April 19, 2011

Hannover Messe: Festo robotics, valves, motion control, software

Festo debuted products, presented growth at the 2011 Hannover Fair, including robotics pneumatic valves, motion control, and software to help automation design.

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