Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 3, 2016

Particulate monitoring system with multi-channel configurations

The PM 100 Pro from FilterSense is a particulate monitoring system designed for sensing performance requirements ranging from detection to monitoring and concentration measurement in the power, cement, metal, and chemical industries.

By FilterSense
Process Instrumentation and Sensors January 14, 2016

Non-clogging differential pressure sensor

FilterSense’s non-clogging DP 20T pressure transmitter is designed to reduce compressed air consumption, filter replacement costs, and ensure proper filter cake to help maximize filtration efficiency

By FilterSense
Process Instrumentation and Sensors October 25, 2015

Particulate sensors for gas processing and heat recovery applications

FilterSense's particulate sensors are ideal for protecting blowers, turbines, and vacuum pumps in power conveying, gas processing, and heat recovery applications.

By FilterSense
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