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Process Instrumentation and Sensors August 29, 2021

Screening vibration sensor system

A screening vibration sensor system featuring batteryless technology, long-range sensor-to-gateway communication and more.

By Fluke Corporation
Energy Efficiency February 20, 2017

Three-phase energy loggers for monitoring energy waste sources

The Fluke 1732 and 1734 three-phase energy loggers are designed to identify sources of electrical energy waste and capture key measurements such as voltage, current, power, power factor, and temperature to enable managers to understand their energy usage and correlate it to their activities.

By Fluke Corporation
Process Instrumentation and Sensors November 19, 2016

Infrared cameras for industrial, process, and utility applications

Fluke's Ti480 and TiX580 infrared cameras are designed for industrial, process, utilities maintenance and building inspection professionals.

By Fluke Corporation
Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 16, 2016

Industrial pressure calibrator for pressure gauges, sensors

Fluke Calibration's 2271A industrial pressure calibrator is ideal for calibration laboratories adding pressure calibration services because it features a broad range of pressure measurement capabilities in a single instrument.

By Fluke Corporation
Energy Efficiency May 12, 2016

Power quality and motor analyzer for system performance detection

Fluke's 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer is designed to simplify the process of motor performance diagnosis by providing analysis data for both the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the motor while it is in operation.

By Fluke Corporation
Wireless July 3, 2015

DC current clamp meter series

Fluke's a3003 FC Wireless DC Current Clamp and a3004 FC Wireless DC 4-20 mA Current Clamp have been added to Fluke Connect's system of wireless test tools and can send measurements to Fluke Connect-enabled master units as well as the mobile app.

By Fluke Corporation