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Frank Lamb


Courtesy: Frank Lamb, Automation Primer
Mechanical April 19, 2021

Original equipment effectiveness’ role in productive manufacturing

Original equipment effectiveness (OEE) can be used as a gauge to determine how effective and productive a manufacturing plant is.

By Frank Lamb
PLCs, PACs October 7, 2019

PLC tag and address naming conventions

Control programming tutorial: Learn about tag templates, common factory automation tag abbreviations, process control tag abbreviations, and five tag and address naming tips.

By Frank Lamb
PLCs, PACs July 8, 2019

Other PLC programming languages

Ladder logic is commonly used in the U.S. for programmable logic controllers (PLCs), but other languages are better suited for some programming applications. See sample PLC code in five languages.

By Frank Lamb
Simulators, Optimizers March 29, 2019

How simulation helps automation and controls

The controls often must be programmed for automated machinery and systems before hardware exists, but controls engineers can use simulations to test syntax, proper tag linking and addressing, and code functionality.

By Frank Lamb
Vision and Discrete Sensors December 6, 2018

What is machine vision, and how can it help?

Understanding how machine vision works will help you see if machine vision will clear up specific application difficulties in manufacturing or processing.

By Frank Lamb
Industrial PCs February 6, 2017

Six key differences between PLCs and computers

On the surface, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and computers are similar, but PLCs can perform discrete and continuous control functions that a computer can't.

By Frank Lamb