Frank Williams


Cybersecurity February 18, 2016

Virtualization benefits and challenges

Virtualization has significant benefits in computing and in networking, but the IT staff, OT staff, or system administrators must truly know their servers and network so they can be ready for challenges or potential cyber security breaches.

By Frank Williams
Process Safety February 12, 2016

Added protection through virtualization

Network virtualization is the process of combining hardware and software network resources and network functionality into a single, software-based administrative entity, and it is essential that preventive measures be taken to protect the network from potential breaches.

By Frank Williams
Cybersecurity May 21, 2014

Microsoft Windows XP EOS: What manufacturers need to know

Ask Control Engineering: What do I need to know about end of service (EOS) for Microsoft Windows XP, and what should I consider going forward? See 5 areas impacting cyber security, production reliability, and quality. Alert organizations have been migrating away from Windows XP; Microsoft may still provide limited support for companies that pay for extended support, costing at least $100,000 per year.

By Frank Williams