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Courtesy: Robert Coelius, Michigan Engineering
Robotics September 21, 2021

Robotic assistants helping in wilderness areas and disaster zones

A University of Michigan research project aims to equip walking robots to adapt on the fly to treacherous ground, which could enable them to go into areas that are too dangerous for humans such as collapsed buildings, disaster areas and other hazardous situations.

By Gabe Cherry
Courtesy: Robert Coelius/Michigan Engineering
Robotics September 7, 2021

Teaching robots to learn in the construction industry

A grant from the National Science Foundation will help robots learn like human apprentices to make construction work less dangerous and strenuous for humans.

By Gabe Cherry
AI and Machine Learning July 15, 2020

Big Data can optimize COVID-19 testing

University of Michigan researchers are designing a cloud-based system that will analyze infection and testing supply chain data to better organize the logistics of COVID-19 testing.

By Gabe Cherry
AI and Machine Learning October 20, 2019

Teaching supercomputers to work smarter, not harder

A University of Michigan aerospace engineer is working on high-fidelity simulations for an experimental propulsion system called a rotating detonation engine, which could help supercomputers better simulate complex physics as well as create more efficient aircraft engines.

By Gabe Cherry