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Virtualization, Cloud Analytics June 27, 2018

Impact of service level agreements on a manufacturing organization

Managing a service level agreement (SLA) is a continuous process and should be constantly monitored, updated, and improved to meet the business needs of the manufacturing organization.

By Goran Novkovic
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics June 19, 2018

Software and data security compliance responsibility in the cloud

Software and data security and regulatory compliance in the cloud should not be taken for granted because security in the cloud is often intangible and less visible, which may create anxiety about what data and software applications are actually secured and controlled.

By Goran Novkovic
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics May 19, 2018

Cloud deployment model risks for manufacturers

It's important for manufacturing organizations to know what to expect in terms of controls and security risks with cloud deployment models.

By Goran Novkovic
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics May 2, 2018

Cloud computing service model, control, and security risks

Cloud computing promises better and more efficient usage of resources and virtually unlimited scalability and greater flexibility, but they also carry a number of technical and business risks that manufacturers need to be aware of.

By Goran Novkovic
Industrial PCs April 1, 2018

Cloud service models and responsibilities

Manufacturing organizations choosing to use cloud services must specify requirements for their software applications and data that satisfies the needs of their business processes.

By Goran Novkovic
Cybersecurity March 3, 2018

The importance of cloud security

Moving to the cloud still provides many challenges for manufacturing organizations to overcome, but smooth transition is possible and definitely without fear provided companies take security seriously.

By Goran Novkovic
Industrial PCs February 15, 2018

Cloud computing challenges and fears for manufacturers

Cloud computing is changing the world of manufacturing, but many companies are concerned about visibility and security when it comes to their information and security.

By Goran Novkovic
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics November 25, 2017

Educating users and companies on the cloud and its applications

Manufacturing organizations are responsible to provide the right education about clouds and they need to ensure that training is available to employees on cloud computing infrastructures and services.

By Goran Novkovic
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics November 18, 2017

Choosing between PaaS and SaaS models for cloud service

Platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) each have unique benefits for companies looking to expand to the cloud. PaaS is targeted to cloud service customers (CSC) who wants to create, test and deploy applications whereas SaaS is focused on end users looking for minimized hardware and software setup costs.

By Goran Novkovic
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics November 5, 2017

The cloud and infrastructure as a service

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is the most widespread cloud service model used by manufacturing organizations and is designed to allow users to store business and production data, or deploy and run software applications just like they would do on traditional, on-premises infrastructures.

By Goran Novkovic
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