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Discrete Manufacturing April 26, 2016

Rotary motion stages for research, automation applications

Griffin Motion's 360-deg continuous travel RTS-DD Series rotary motion stages are designed for use in a variety of laboratory, factory automation, and semiconductor processing applications

By Griffin Motion
Discrete Manufacturing April 4, 2016

Linear motion platform for scanning, machining applications

Griffin Motion's high-speed LM3 Series 300mm-travel precision linear motion platform is designed for inspection, scanning, optical positioning, and laser marking and machining applications as well as factory automation and semiconductor processing equipment.

By Griffin Motion
PLM, Control Design January 22, 2016

Motion platform for positioning applications

Griffin’s CXY-BS Series 150mm precision XY motion platform is ideal for use in microscopy, inspection, wafer processing, microtiter plate processing, laser marking, and optical positioning applications.

By Griffin Motion
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