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Cybersecurity February 15, 2022

Structure of IEC 62443

IEC 62443 is the international reference standard for industrial cybersecurity of components and systems developed in conformity with ISA/IEC requirements.

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Cybersecurity April 22, 2021

Low-level risk assessment for cybersecurity

Low-level risk assessments are often performed after a high-level risk assessment or, sometimes, conducted on specific plants in order to deeply assess the precise risk estimate of a cyber attack.

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Cybersecurity April 15, 2021

High-level risk assessment for cybersecurity

A high-level risk assessment is the starting point of an industrial cybersecurity risk assessment in compliance with the cybersecurity lifecycle defined by the international standard IEC 62443 for OT ​​Security.

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Control Systems April 8, 2021

What the IEC 62443 standard does for industrial cybersecurity

IEC 62443 is the international standard for the security for industrial automation control systems (IACS) and its importance is growing as networks and controllers become intertwined.

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