Heather MacKenzie


Cybersecurity January 22, 2019

Combining IT, OT with a security operations center

Companies can help prevent cyberattacks by forming a security operations center (SOC) to get the information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) on the same page with the same goals.

By Heather MacKenzie
Process Safety January 5, 2016

Securing a wireless application

Industrial wireless applications are being used by leading manufacturers and operators to improve availability and reduce costs, and there are plenty of protection techniques such as defense-in-depth to keep a network from being compromised by a security breach.

By Heather MacKenzie
Process Safety July 12, 2015

How to implement industrial security as a CEO

For many executives and board members, cyber security is a new area of risk management. Here are some suggestions for chief executives on how to communicate effectively with management about cyber security.

By Heather MacKenzie
Process Safety December 1, 2014

7 questions for industrial wireless security

What is the No. 1 concern when it comes to wireless solutions in the industrial world? While the answer might be debatable, it always comes down to these two questions – is it reliable enough and can I secure it?

By Heather MacKenzie