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Discrete Manufacturing March 20, 2017

Angle ring encoder for safety-related applications

Heidenhain's ECA 4410 angle ring encoder series is designed for use in safety-related applications and can be used in dangerous automation conditions.

By Heidenhain Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing September 23, 2016

Evaluation electronic system for high-precision measuring machines

Heidenhain's Quadra-Chek 3000 evaluation electronics system is designed as a complement for high-precision measuring machines and is operated via its capacitive touch screen that is suitable for multi-touch and gesturing.

By Heidenhain Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing July 20, 2016

Universal replacement for touch probe series

Heidenhain's TS 642 is a universal replacement for the touch probes of Heidenhain's TS 6xx series and allows the original transceiver to remain in the machine after the transfer.

By Heidenhain Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing May 24, 2016

Angle encoder series with bearing sets

Heidenhain's MRP 2000, 5000 and 8000 are angle encoder modules are designed for metrology, calibration devices, automation technology, micro machining, and semiconductor applications.

By Heidenhain Corporation
Mobility April 8, 2016

Encoder diagnostics tool for mobile use

Heidenhain's PWT 100 is a compact device designed for checking the function and adjustment of encoders and supports multiple serial interfaces.

By Heidenhain Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing March 25, 2016

Rotary encoder series for machine design applications

Heidenhain's ERO 2000 series encoder is designed for applications such as piezo and galvanometer motors, micro positioning for goniometers, spindles, and other metrology applications.

By Heidenhain Corporation
Process Safety January 9, 2016

Absolute solid shafted angle encoders

Heidenhain's ROC 2000 and ROC 7000 family of absolute solid shafted angle encoders feature an absolute track with serial code structure as well as an incremental track that uses single field scanning.

By Heidenhain Corporation
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