Discrete Manufacturing May 24, 2016

PLC for demanding, hazardous applications

Idec's FC6A MicroSmart is a programmable logic controller (PLC) with up to 520 I/O that comes in three models and is designed for demanding industries such as oil and gas, chemical, material handling, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machinery, and process skids.

Process Safety March 10, 2015

Safety device series for hazardous areas

Idec's EU2B family of safety devices includes pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, and ammeters are designed for hazardous areas are designed to prevent the release of electrical energy that could ignite explosive gases or particles.

I/O Systems, I/O Modules November 10, 2014

Integrated HMI and PLC with extensive analog capability

Combination unit from IDEC can save panel space by combining multiple functions into one compact package.

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PLCs, PACs February 22, 2024

Combined PLC & HMI with increased display size and I/O options

IDEC Corporation has expanded its SmartAXIS touch family with the new FT2J Series combined PLC+HMI. A compact all-in-one form factor combines built-in full function controller features and functions, both onboard and expandable I/O, and an advanced technology 7 inch touchscreen display, providing many advantages for a wide variety of industries. An all-in-one PLC+HMI is compact and consumes far less panel space than separate units. Because the PLC and HMI are internally connected, require only one power supply, and share the same network connection, installation is simplified.

Vision and Discrete Sensors May 9, 2023

SA2E general-purpose photoelectric (PE) sensor family

IDEC Corporation introduces the SA2E general-purpose photoelectric (PE) sensor family, in five major models, each which improve on or replace proven SA1E products. A new ASIC, common to the entire offering, provides a significantly improved price/performance ratio, while delivering better response times and more capable detection. SA2E PE sensors are offered in five major variations: T: Through-beam, for detecting objects passing between emitter/receiver pairs. P: Polarized retro-reflective, for detecting objects passing between the receiver and a reflector, even in difficult lighting conditions. D: Diffused-reflective, for detecting targets by the light reflected from the target. B: Background suppression reflective, for improved and reliable detection of a wide variety of targets by the light reflected by the target. N: Small beam reflective, for close detection of small targets. The SA2E sensors generally improve response times to 0.5ms, compared with 1.0ms for previous generation models, for better detection of smaller and faster moving objects. Sensors are switchable between “light-on” and “dark-on” operating modes, and applicable models have an on-board sensitivity or range adjustment potentiometer.

Motors and Drives October 27, 2022

VF1A Doesa variable frequency drives (VFDs)

IDEC Corporation now offers a new line of VF1A Doesa variable frequency drives (VFDs), providing versatile control and efficient operation of electrical motors for a wide range of applications.   Control and efficiency VFDs are used to control the speed and torque of AC motors so users can optimize system performance by running equipment at just the speed required to meet the demand of the load. Furthermore, VFDs are configurable to accelerate and decelerate to commanded speed smoothly, reducing the wear and tear on associated mechanical components. Among the greatest of VFD benefits is the energy savings realized by running a motor at any speed below maximum, so long as the equipment needs are met. Control options IDEC VF1A Doesa VFDs are suitable for speed control of variable and constant torque applications ranging from fans and pumps to specialized equipment.

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