Jacob Chapman

Jacob Chapman has a background in automation engineering, project management, account management, industrial networking, and ICS cybersecurity within the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and energy generation sectors, among others. Jacob currently leads the industrial IT and cybersecurity solutions and services at Grantek, which help manufacturers develop their facility infrastructures, including their industrial network architectures, local and cloud computing systems, and cybersecurity programs. As Grantek’s leader in the space, Jacob maintains involvement and leadership positions in international societies and standard bodies - including the Cybersecurity Committee Chair of ISA’s Smart Manufacturing & IIoT Division, a Registered U.S. Expert to TC65 of the IEC, member of Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association's Cybersecurity Workgroup, and a member of the ISA99 standards development committee.


Cybersecurity February 7, 2021

Secure, remote industrial access

How can remote access be granted to industrial facilities without increasing cybersecurity risks? Hardware, software and services are helping resolve the secure remote access challenges for manufacturers.

By Jacob Chapman
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