James Beall

James Beall is a principal process control consultant at Emerson Automation Solutions with 40 years of experience in process control and instrumentation. Prior to Emerson, Beall worked for Eastman Chemical Co. for 20 years. Areas of expertise include process instrumentation, control valve performance, control strategy analysis and design, advanced regulatory control and multivariable, model predictive control (MPC). He is a contributing author to “Process/Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook,” Sixth Edition. He spends most of his time in plants implementing process control improvement projects in all process manufacturing industries.


Courtesy: Emerson
Control Systems April 1, 2022

The control system is key to optimal loop tuning

Leveraging the proportional-integral-derivative (PID) tuning tools embedded in automation software helps identify the ideal tuning values and maintain them, regardless of process changes. Example: Startup and product formula change time fell 40%; production rates of some products increased 35%.

By James Beall
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