Jane S. Gerold, Control Engineering


Industrial PCs September 1, 1998

First PLC for Windows CE

It's not often you see the price leader in a market snare the role of technology leader. Yet this is the case with PLCDirect's (Cumming, Ga.) introduction of two new control platforms for the Microsoft Windows CE operating system (OS).The WinPLC and RuntimePC combine PC-based control software, Ethernet ports, PLC I/O, and flat-panel display hardware with Windows CE.

By Jane S. Gerold, Control Engineering
Industrial PCs June 1, 1998

PCs Lead the Way in Operator Display

The past decade has seen enormous changes in human-machine interfaces (HMIs). At the low end, electronic operator interfaces (OIs) have successfully replaced many hard-wired panels as the interface of choice. Priced under $2,000, with some as low as $500, electronic OIs provide more functions at lower costs than hard-wired controls.

By Jane S. Gerold, Control Engineering
DCS, SCADA, Controllers February 1, 1998

OI Software Opens a Window To the World Wide Web

You're relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon, a favorite beverage in one hand, the remote control in the other. Suddenly, your pager goes off. You think to yourself, "Oh no, not another weekend afternoon spent chasing an emergency at the plant."You log into your home computer to read your e-mail.

By Jane S. Gerold, Control Engineering
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