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Process Safety December 24, 2014

Machine Safety: Are machine builders shipping unsafe machines?

Can a U.S. original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ship a machine without safety integrated into or included as part of the machine? Aren’t there regulations requiring machine manufacturers to provide machine guarding? An example of basic machine safety is an emergency stopping device, such as an e-stop.

By JB Titus
Process Safety December 18, 2014

Machine Safety: Risk of an actuator wired to general machine control versus safety controller

When deciding to apply a device to achieve a safety function, by default, that safety function should be achieved each time, actuated consistently and within a certain time period. For machine hazard mitigation, review these four points when considering risks and reliability of controllers versus safety controllers, defined by IEC 61508 (Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems – Part 1: General requirements).

By JB Titus
Process Safety November 22, 2014

Machine Safety: ISO 13849-1 status, interlock switch safety

Upon reviewing a machine that has two interlock switches mounted to an access door, can you say that the machine is safe? Most industry experts today would say, "Probably not." Here's an explanation of why and the relevant standards.

By JB Titus
Process Safety November 9, 2014

Machine Safety: 12 hazards of unused machinery

Look at the 5 levels of hazard mitigation to help determine risk of a machine no longer in use. Consider the following 12 hazards of end-of-lifecyle machines. An unused machine is not necessarily safe.

By JB Titus
Process Safety September 30, 2014

Machine Safety: Identify machine safety standards for your business

Why is it important in the United States to identify machine safety standards for your business? See 6 ways standards help with machine safety.

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Process Safety September 24, 2014

Machine Safety: What is your safety elevator pitch?

In less than 30 seconds, can you tell me why I should care about your plans for exceeding industrial safety compliance? Are business benefits part of your answer?

By JB Titus
Process Safety September 17, 2014

Machine Safety: Safety and security combined

Some recent reports, cyber attacks have grown by 600% since 2010 costing industry around $400 billion a year impacting productivity, machine uptime and profitability. Machine safety automation also addresses productivity, uptime and profitability. Perhaps “safety” and “security” efforts should combine.

By JB Titus
Process Safety September 13, 2014

Machine Safety: Crossing the yellow line

Yellow line theory versus complacency: On a train platform few people cross the yellow line, without any specialized training, yet, in a manufacturing environment, accidents happen regularly after people cross the yellow line and even more formidable barriers. Why?

By JB Titus
Process Safety August 24, 2014

Machine Safety: Which takes precedence, a Type-B or a Type-C safety standard?

Understanding the hierarchy of Type A, B and C safety standards, isn’t a Type B safety standard to be considered precedent over a Type C safety standard?

By JB Titus
Process Safety August 12, 2014

Machine Safety and safety maturity: Are you safe without injuries?

International Labor Organization said every 15 seconds approximately 160 workers have a work-related accident, and one of those injured workers will die. So, does it make sense to keep detailed records of injuries to claim that an absence of injuries equates to the presence of safety? Know the 5 progressive steps to a strong safety culture.

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