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Discrete Manufacturing April 19, 2024

Nanostitches enable lighter and tougher composite materials

MIT engineers used carbon nanotubes to create nanostitches to prevent cracking in multilayered composites, which may lead to next-generation airplanes and spacecraft.

By Jennifer Chu
System Integration October 31, 2023

Electronic state emerges from layered graphene sandwich

MIT researchers have discovered a type of electronic behavior that could help with packing more data into magnetic memory devices.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics May 9, 2023

Robo-gripper reflexively organizes cluttered spaces

MIT researchers have developed a pick-and-place robot that adapts in the moment to get a better grip on objects in cluttered spaces. See video.

By Jennifer Chu
Industrial PCs February 14, 2023

Vertical, full-color microscopic LEDs developed

MIT researchers have found that stacking light-emitting diodes (LEDs) instead of placing them side by side could enable fully immersive VR displays.

By Jennifer Chu
Discrete Manufacturing February 7, 2023

Superconductivity switches on and off in magic-angle graphene

MIT physicists have found a new way to switch superconductivity on and off with magic-angle graphene by using a short electric pulse.

By Jennifer Chu
Industrial PCs January 19, 2023

Atom-thin materials grown on industrial wafers

MIT researchers have developed a technique that could allow chip manufacturers to produce next-generation transistors based on materials other than silicon.

By Jennifer Chu
wearable sensors
Process Instrumentation and Sensors August 24, 2022

Engineers fabricate a chip-free, wireless electronic skin

The chip-free device senses and wirelessly transmits signals related to pulse, sweat and ultraviolet exposure, without bulky chips or batteries.

By Jennifer Chu
System Integration July 27, 2022

Superconducting graphene structures discovered

MIT physicists have established twisted graphene as a new “family” of robust superconductors stacked at precise angles.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics July 20, 2022

Method developed for improving autonomous robotic systems

MIT researchers have developed a general-purpose optimizer that can speed up the design of walking robots, self-driving vehicles, and other autonomous systems.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
AI and Machine Learning June 22, 2022

Engineers build LEGO-like artificial intelligence chip

MIT researchers have developed an artificial intelligence chip that is stackable and reconfigurable, for swapping out and building on existing sensors and neural network processors.

By Jennifer Chu
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