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wearable sensors
Sensors, Actuators August 24, 2022

Engineers fabricate a chip-free, wireless electronic skin

The chip-free device senses and wirelessly transmits signals related to pulse, sweat and ultraviolet exposure, without bulky chips or batteries.

By Jennifer Chu
System Integration July 27, 2022

Superconducting graphene structures discovered

MIT physicists have established twisted graphene as a new “family” of robust superconductors stacked at precise angles.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics July 20, 2022

Method developed for improving autonomous robotic systems

MIT researchers have developed a general-purpose optimizer that can speed up the design of walking robots, self-driving vehicles, and other autonomous systems.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Edge Computing, Embedded Systems June 22, 2022

Engineers build LEGO-like artificial intelligence chip

MIT researchers have developed an artificial intelligence chip that is stackable and reconfigurable, for swapping out and building on existing sensors and neural network processors.

By Jennifer Chu
Motors, Drives April 22, 2022

Heat engine with no moving parts designed

MIT researchers have design a heat engine with no moving parts, which could help enable a fully decarbonized power grid in the future.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: Melanie Gonick, MIT
Discrete Manufacturing March 28, 2022

2D material electron correlation found in graphene

Researchers have found direct evidence of electron correlations in a two-dimensional material called ABC trilayer graphene.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: Christine Daniloff, MIT
‘Power of Industry’ will propel Hannover Fair 2001 January 16, 2022

Hybrid particle detected that could improve electronic devices

MIT physicists have detected a hybrid particle that is a mashup of an electron and a phonon, which could lead to smaller, faster electronic devices.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robotics August 23, 2021

Inflatable robotic hand provides real-time tactile control for amputees

Engineers at MIT and Shanghai Jiao Tong University have designed a soft, lightweight, and potentially low-cost neuroprosthetic hand that has better dexterity and could be useful for amputees and other robotic applications. See video.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robotics August 11, 2021

System trains drones to fly around obstacles at high speeds

Aerospace engineers at MIT have devised an algorithm that helps drones fly around obstacles without crashing, which could help in search-and-rescue missions and other applications that use drones in time-sensitive situations. See video.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Discrete Manufacturing July 12, 2021

Ultralight material withstands supersonic microparticle impacts

Engineers at MIT, Caltech, and ETH Zürich find “nanoarchitected” materials designed from precisely patterned nanoscale structures could be a basis for lighter, tougher alternatives to Kevlar and steel.

By Jennifer Chu
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