Jim Krebs

Jim Krebs is a Technical Marketing Engineer at AutomationDirect. He began his career as a field service engineer and has more than 32 years of experience working with industrial equipment and controls for manufacturing, water treatment, wastewater treatment, food and beverage, and pulp and paper industries. Leveraging his experience with service, installation and training in industry, he currently develops technical manuals, training documents and reference material for products, industrial instrumentation, processes and software help files.


Electrical December 3, 2019

How to specify cut-to-length cable

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), end users, and system integrators seeking to improve manufacturing and fabrication flexibility can purchase cut-to-length cables to save time and money.

By Jim Krebs
Energy, Power April 5, 2017

Customizing electrical enclosures

Enclosure cutouts can be made after a purchase. However, cutouts made by the manufacturer may help save time and reduce costs.

By Jim Krebs
PLM, Control Design August 5, 2016

Small-scale automation projects

Inside Machines: How to get past time, money, and resource issues when executing small projects and specifying automation equipment and components.

By Jim Krebs
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