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Josh Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology


Vision and Discrete Sensors December 18, 2019

Shape memory polymer developed for gripping heavy objects

A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and The Ohio State University developed a magnetic shape memory polymer that could improve gripper arms for delicate or heavy objects.

By Josh Brown
Discrete Manufacturing November 14, 2019

Particles emitted by 3-D printers can have negative environmental effect

Researchers at Georgia Tech and UL Chemical Safety have found the particles emitted from 3-D printers can have a negative impact on indoor air quality (IAQ) in facilities.

By Josh Brown
Energy, Power October 5, 2019

Platinum supported by graphene could enable fuel cell catalysts

Films of platinum only two atoms thick supported by graphene could enable fuel cell catalysts with unprecedented catalytic activity and longevity, according to researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

By Josh Brown
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