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Cybersecurity March 17, 2009

Corporate responsibility: Use GRC systems to keep plants and suppliers in check

Complying with governmental regulations normally involves lots of paperwork and plenty of manual workarounds. Still another layer of knowledge is necessary to ensure suppliers are in compliance with certain standards. Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) systems address these compliance issues and a lot more.

By Karen Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
Workforce Development February 25, 2009

Hot potato: Food supply scares heighten demand for product recall technology

In light of recent product recalls, manufacturers must be ready to respond quickly to supply chain issues to protect consumers as well as brand reputations. That’s why right now many food & beverage manufacturers are looking to expand their use of solutions that offer capabilities in product genealogy, lot tracking & tracing, and alert notification.

By Karen Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics October 1, 2008

Total clarity: Timely reports, data flexibility power up business intelligence

Upper management at CLARCOR Air Filtration Products has good data, but making it easily accessible is no small task when that data must be extracted, sorted, analyzed, and presented to the right people in the right format. That's why CLARCOR chose to implement a business intelligence (BI) and enterprise performance management system from Bitam, which is accessed by nearly 30 users.

By Karen Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
Manufacturing IT, MES September 1, 2008

Free space: Applimation archiving solution stores excess application data

Transaction data usually remains in the application database long after its useful life. But excess data puts a strain on application performance and leads to longer response times. Deleting data outright isn't an option since regulatory compliance requirements often dictate retention periods. As the amount of transaction data continues to grow, many companies are battling a new concern: what ...

By Karen Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
Energy, Power June 1, 2008

Beyond spreadsheets: Price management needs dedicated tools; market space still being defined

Despite the importance of price as the determinator of revenue and profit, many companies remain baffled by the complexity of managing the pricing process, and fail to dedicate the necessary resources to the issue. While the outlines of the fledgling pricing software space are somewhat murky, many organizations are ready to improve their pricing programs.

By Karen Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
Manufacturing IT, MES May 1, 2008

Business intelligence solution presents customer data without delay

The accounts receivable (A/R) department at Virtek Vision International had its hands full. Credit managers at the Ontario-based supplier of laser marking products needed to keep collections up-to-date by identifying those potentially delinquent before they became problems. Until recently, workers relied on spreadsheets that pulled information from the company's ERP system.

By Karen Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
Manufacturing IT, MES March 1, 2008

Purchasing’s evolution to strategic sourcing is a multistage process

When considering the move from transactional purchasing to strategic sourcing and world-class supply management, while there is no sure-fire method for refining procurement processes, there is a five-step process that most companies pass through as they move their value propositions up into higher and higher levels.

By Karen Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 March 1, 2008

Risk think tank: Prediction market platform taps the wisdom of employees, partners, customers

Anticipating market response can be a virtual guessing game when it comes to launching a new product or determining key features during product development. Traditional surveys offer some insight to customer opinion, but usually their accuracy is questionable since the response rate is typically low.

By Karen Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
Control Systems 2 January 1, 2008

Kroll: Corporate fraud is almost 100-percent preventable

Corporate fraud and corruption may seem like the stuff of movies, but such threats can be found in your own office. Shocking but real statistics show four out of five companies suffered from corporate fraud in the past three years. One in 10 large companies loses more than $100 million per year to fraud.

By Karen Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
Workforce Development December 1, 2007

Excel-based collaboration tool is free; ensures single version of truth

Using a spreadsheet for personal use is a lot different than managing one in a process involving a whole group. There are plenty of applications available to enable spreadsheet collaboration, but most require purchasing and learning new software. Most users prefer to use tools they already have, and Microsoft Excel remains the clear-cut spreadsheet of choice among desktop users.

By Karen Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
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