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Industrial Networking November 3, 2018

On the road to the digital enterprise

Decide where to go and use a map to get to the digital enterprise.

By Kevin Parker, CFE Media
Oil and Gas October 3, 2018

What is the case, industrial automation-wise

Digitalization and automation allow incremental innovation, but the goal should be prioritized multi-year programs, approved at a high level, that allow steady levels of achievement to enhance and maximize their value.

By Kevin Parker, CFE Media
Industrial Networking September 15, 2018

Open systems and IIoT, working in tandem

Additional productivity gain through further systems integration is being limited by an installed base of proprietary technologies supplied by automation and information technology suppliers.

By Kevin Parker, CFE Media
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics November 11, 2017

Workforce education becomes an essential task

Five essential competencies for the digital era identified.

By Kevin Parker, CFE Media
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