Laura Oleniacz

Laura Oleniacz, North Carolina State University


Vision and Discrete Sensors December 16, 2022

Embroidery as low-cost solution for wearable electronics

Embroidering power-generating yarns onto fabric can offer a low-cost, potentially scalable method for making wearable devices.

By Laura Oleniacz
wastewater vials
Process Safety August 25, 2022

Synthetic polymer can remove dyes from wastewater

North Carolina State University researchers have demonstrated that a reusable synthetic polymer can remove dyes from water.

By Laura Oleniacz
PPE December 2, 2020

Institute receives grant to improve mask materials

North Carolina State University’s Nonwovens Institute (NWI) received a $400,000 grant to investigate improving the properties of materials they’re using for masks and respirators.

By Laura Oleniacz
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