Sponsored October 2, 2017

Modern Solutions to Develop Model of Ultrasonic Motor for Controller Design

This white paper explains how Maplesoft's alternative method to accurately model a USM and minimize common design challenges.

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Asset Management May 29, 2016

Library for modeling pneumatic systems

The Maplesoft MapleSim Pneumatics Library from Modelon is designed for use in the modeling and simulation of pneumatic systems for system design, component sizing, and control design.

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Simulators, Optimizers April 23, 2016

Software upgrade for modeling and simulation platform

Maplesoft's upgraded modeling and simulation platform, MapleSim 2016, is designed features additions that include interface changes to improve workflow as well as an expanded multibody component library to support contact modeling.

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Sponsored April 11, 2016

Nonlinear Model Predictive Control: Model-Based Automatic Code Generation

This white paper introduces a systematic workflow for model-based automatic code generation for Model Predictive Control. Model Predictive Control is a closed loop implementation of optimal control that has become the alternative advanced control method to proportional-integral-derivative controllers in many industries.

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Simulators, Optimizers December 20, 2015

Software for CAD assemblies and mechanical designs

Maplesoft's MapleSim CAD Toolbox is designed to allow engineers to understand and improve their mechanical designs by bringing their computer-aided design (CAD) assemblies into the MapleSim modeling and simulation platform.

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Robotics August 25, 2015

Researchers develop musculoskeletal arm and robot models for rehab patients

Researchers at the University of Waterloo developed a musculoskeletal model of the human arm that provides the human action for an upper limb rehabilitation robot.

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Virtualization, Cloud Analytics May 29, 2015

System-level modeling and simulation platform for engineers

Maplesoft's MapleSim 2015 is an advanced system-level modeling and simulation platform and the MapleSim Server is designed to help engineers explore simulation models from a web browser while reducing model development and analysis time.

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PLM, Control Design December 19, 2014

Battery library for system simulation

Maplesoft's MapleSim Battery Library is an add-on component library to their system-level modeling tool. The MapleSim Battery Library allows engineers to incorporate physics-based predictive models of battery cells into multidomain models so they can account for battery behavior early in the design process.

By Maplesoft
Industrial PCs October 27, 2014

Modeling and simulation platform

MapleSim 7 by Maplesoft is an advanced system-level modeling and simulation platform designed to explore and validate designs and compare multiple simulation runs at the click of a button, including simulations of a single model and simulations of different models.

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