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Maryam Afshar and Brian Gallogly

Maryam Afshar is a Product Manager at Quantum Automation. She is an electrical engineer with years of experience in industrial automation and IoT applications, and a co-developer of the QCS IIoT solution. Brian Gallogly is the President at Quantum Automation. After many years working in industrial automation, he founded Quantum over 25 years ago, growing the business as a distributor, UL508a panel shop, contract manufacturer, solutions provider, and supplier of IIoT cloud services. Brian is a graduate of UCLA.


IIoT, Industrie 4.0 November 9, 2020

How integrators can help IIoT applications

End users may find the variety of IIoT devices and connectivity technology to be intimidating. A system integrator can minimize risks and costs by implementing proven specification and implementation methods and architectures.

By Maryam Afshar and Brian Gallogly
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