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Industrial PCs August 24, 2010

Safe acceleration: Automating the world’s largest and fastest machine

Global Perspectives: The CERN accelerator and its safety is controlled and monitored by 130 control systems featuring ‘hardened’ automation technology.

By Michael Babb, Control Engineering Europe
Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 5, 2010

Phoenix Contact calls Axioline ‘world’s fastest I/O system’

Blending Ethernet technology with terminal blocks, Phoenix Contact created the fastest available I/O speed, the company said at the Axioline I/O system introduction.

By Michael Babb, Control Engineering Europe
PLCs, PACs October 1, 2009

Single Point Machine Vision

Multi-camera vision appliances are embedded solutions designed primarily to satisfy inspection needs, and in today’s market they have become rather sophisticated. They generally provide ease-of-use, performance, and flexibility required to meet the diverse requirements of industrial applications, while accommodating the needs and limited experience of end users.

By Michael Babb, Control Engineering Europe
PLCs, PACs June 1, 2009

Solution for mixing industrial, standard-office Ethernet

Mixing industrial Ethernet and standard office Ethernet on the same cable has its risks. With no sense of priority, an industrial telegram, which may be critical for operating some machine, might be delayed, sitting in some switch’s store-and-forward buffer waiting for an IT telegram to pass through.

By Michael Babb, Control Engineering Europe
Process Safety December 1, 2008

IO Link: Sensor to Automation System Communication

Innovations in sensors such as proximity switches have been impressive. The packages are smaller, yet have longer ranges. Microcontroller-driven “teach-in” processes for precise sensor settings have replaced cumbersome and inaccurate potentiometer synchronization. Diagnostics have expanded to include such things as early warnings against dirt contamination.

By Michael Babb, Control Engineering Europe
Machine Safety July 1, 2008

European debut of intrinsic safety breakthrough

For 40 years intrinsic safety (EX i) has meant limiting the amount of electric power to less than 2 Watts in dangerous areas, for fear any spark could ignite an explosion. As a result, an entire industry of companies has developed that supply isolators and barriers to provide this type of protection.

By Michael Babb, Control Engineering Europe
Diagnostics, Asset Management April 1, 2008

Energy projects head Europe’s green activities

In Control Engineering’s global focus on manufacturing supplement (March 2008, www.controleng.com/global), Control Engineering Europe editor Michael Babb described how the European Union is focusing on lowering carbon emissions and increasing the use of renewable resources. Here he describes three efficient, sustainable energy-producing projects.

By Michael Babb, Control Engineering Europe
Diagnostics, Asset Management November 1, 2007

Ready-to-install automation

The market for automation technology, and specifically for assembly and handling systems, has been experiencing sustained growth for a number of years, far surpassing worldwide economic growth. That was one of the comments of Dr. Eberhard Veit, a member of the Festo board of directors, speaking at a press conference held during the Motek trade show in Stuttgart, Germany.

By Michael Babb, Control Engineering Europe
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