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Vision and Discrete Sensors April 21, 2021

Graphene-based biosensors used to develop mass COVID-19 tests

Graphene-based biosensors are being used to develop better, cheaper, quicker, more accessible testing for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

By Mike Krapfl
Energy, Power October 20, 2020

Manufacturing biobased electronics for sensors, batteries

Researchers are studying how plant-based inks can be used to print low-cost, biodegradable and recyclable sensors.

By Mike Krapfl
Other Building Types August 18, 2020

DIY COVID-19 testing kit research receives NSF grant

A no-touch, mail-in, fast-scan test for COVID-19, other outbreaks is being developed by Iowa State University researchers with support from a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant.

By Mike Krapfl
AI and Machine Learning July 19, 2020

Cyber-physical system developed to improve agriculture production

Researchers are developing a cyber-physical system (CPS) that improves agriculture production by constantly monitoring fields at near single-plant resolution, predicts productivity and helps farmers manage their water and fertilizer use.

By Mike Krapfl