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Industrial Networking July 13, 2017

PC-programmable MODBUS temperature transmitter

Moore Industries announced the new TMZ Dual (2TPRG) PC-programmable MODBUS temperature transmitter that allows users to increase density and reduce costs.

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Process Safety June 3, 2016

Surge suppressor kit for explosion-proof applications

Moore Industries' surge suppressor kit is now available for use with field-installed instruments enclosed in BH and SB housings and provides 3kA of surge protection stopping failures due to lightning, spikes, and overvoltage surges while minimizing other electrical noise.

By Moore Industries
Sponsored April 11, 2016

Associated Apparatus: The Safe and Most Affordable IS Solution

This white paper provides an introduction to intrinsic safety, the different components in an intrinsically-safe system and the two different types of barriers. It also explains why selecting an associated apparatus as the IS barrier provides the most economic and effective use of IS technology.

By Moore Industries
Process Instrumentation and Sensors October 19, 2015

Temperature transmitter for safety instrumented systems

Moore Industries's STZ Functional Safety Smart HART Temperature Transmitter is a temperature transmitter designed for use in safety instrumented systems (SIS) and features a dual sensor input that reduces process interruptions.

By Moore Industries
Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 2, 2015

Dual input temperature transmitters

Moore Industries' THZ3 and TDZ3 are Smart HART temperature transmitters that are designed to increase usability and functionality including a dual sensor input and are also HART 7 compliant with exception-based reporting and dynamic variable mapping.

By Moore Industries
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